Drone Operation


The operation of an Unmanned Aircraft System, commonly referred to as a drone, is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. To determine your responsibilities for the registration and operation of a drone, please consult the FAA's website to understand your responsibilities. Failure to comply with responsibilities under federal law can subject the operator to legal prosecution.

After you have obtained proper registration and a certificate of authorization from the FAA, to the extent you are operating within five nautical miles of an airport, you are required to coordinate with the local Air Traffic Control Tower and also with the airport (see contact information below.)


Important Notes

  • Recreational operators are required to give notice for flights within five miles of an airport to both the airport operator and Air Traffic Control Tower, if the airport has a tower. Get more information.
  • For civil operations, including commercial use, look for more information. Note that CVG is Class B Airspace.

Contacts & Other Info