Lost Dog at CVG Airport has Eventful Journey Home

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Facebook - visit to United - 7 15 2020

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 facebook - badging for Jet - 7 16 2020

Facebook - Found Dog - Allegiant - 7 17 2020
facebook - July 21 2020
Tweet - Jet - with TSA and ops
Facebook - prepping for his farewell - 7 23 2020

Facebook - onsite media for send off - 7 24 2020

Thanks for your help all along the journey - WLWT-TV 5

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Thanks USA Today and the Cincinnati Enquirer for being with us all along the way.  

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(in human days of course!)

July 14

A stuffed toy dog was found by CVG airport staff early the morning of July 14, 2020.  The team sprung into action hoping to connect the dog back to its original owner.  The story played out in social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.  Area media, and then national, joined in the search for the owner and celebrating the reunion.  


July 15

Jet started the search for his family at CVG Airport.  After getting masked up, he started his adventure through the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. 


July 16

To help Jet with his journey, CVG had Jet badged before continuing on his pilgrimage. 



July 17

Allegiant jumped on board, helping to locate Jet's family.  



July 21

Jet's ongoing tour of CVG led him to one of the area's most iconic brands.  



July 23

Hard work and help from people all over the country, including local radio stations, television outlets, newspapers, and a variety of national media jumped in to facilitate the search with positive results.  



July 24

Jet heads home on an Allegiant flight to Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida where his family missed him dearly.  


July 25

Thanks from the family and ongoing good news coverage across the country!


Thanks for everyone that participated in this journey with Jet/ Masch Masch and CVG Airport!