CVG is Ready to Embrace What's Next

Over the last decade, as the aviation industry has undergone radical change, CVG has likewise had to reinvent itself. While this has been challenging, by all measures CVG has achieved remarkable progress and is poised to play a major role in our region’s growth and success for many years to come as:

  • The premier airport for the Tri-State region
  • An active community leader that drives economic growth
  • An innovator that delivers an unforgettably positive experience

With these changes — and with input from more than 1,000 community members, employees and stakeholders — we have developed a new branding campaign to tell the story of CVG’s continued transformation. The campaign theme, Embrace What’s Next, captures the spirit of CVG’s progress to date while reinforcing our commitment to the growth and progress outlined in our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan.

What It Means for Employees Throughout the Airport

We thank the entire airport team for its tireless efforts to make CVG a world-class airport. With the support of the board and with the tremendous team we have in place, CVG is more than capable of reaching even greater heights in the years ahead. For our employees, the Embrace What’s Next campaign:

  • Embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and the continued success that we aspire to
  • Serves as a call to action to continue making a difference
  • Instills a sense of pride for the positive changes taking place

What It Means for Business and Leisure Customers

The public has responded favorably to the enhanced service and affordability, as evident in the phenomenal passenger growth. For our customers, the Embrace What’s Next campaign:

  • Invites casual travelers to get excited for their trip and to enjoy the experience
  • Prepares customers to expect more as we upgrade rental car services, parking and other facilities
  • Sets the expectation that positive change is the new normal

What It Means for Business Partners and Stakeholders

Community is at the heart of everything we do at CVG, whether it’s helping to grow the economy, connecting people to loved ones, or showcasing the region to people from around the world. The community’s support of CVG is critical to our continued success. For our business partners and community stakeholders, the Embrace What’s Next campaign:

  • Assures carriers and tenants that we are committed to their success and that we stand ready to meet their ever-changing needs
  • Shows that we are committed to being an essential part of the region's overall growth and success through teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement
  • Invites our community partners to work with us on CVG’s continued evolution

What It Means for the Future

Our brand message also makes clear that our work is far from over. In many ways it is only just beginning. We are confident that CVG is poised to reach even greater heights in the months and years to come as we work with our partners and the community to Embrace What’s Next.