Ida's Seat Tavern at Gate B24
A Cincinnati tavern. Serving beverages, sandwiches and snacks. Like many great legends, there is great mystery surrounding “Ida” and why this Cincinnati hill once bore her name. Prior to 1843, this bustling area of town was referred to as “Mount Ida”. Many believe that this was in reference to Ida Martin, a very colorful local character who made this hillside her residence. Literally. She lived in a large hollowed out stump of a Sycamore tree that grew on the hillside! For just a few pennies, Ida would take in your laundry and entertain you while she worked. Her tree sat high on top of the hill, where she was able watch the comings and goings of all the local residents. Because of her “larger than life” presence, the hill soon became known as “Mount Ida”. In 1843, John Quincy Adams came to Cincinnati for the dedication ceremony of the new conservatory. In his honor, the area was renamed “Mount Adams”. We have named our tavern after Ida, once again giving homage to the local character and restoring her to her proper seat.
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