Fly Healthy at CVG

CVG Airport’s priority has always been creating the safest way to travel. We are open for you. We are prepared and committed to ensuring your travels are safe and healthy.

CVG has achieved the Global Airport Health Accreditation through ACI, Airports Council International.

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Quick Resources for Travel Summer 2021

Federal Mask Requirement

(updated August 17, 2021)

Federal regulations require all travelers and employees to wear masks while at CVG. Failure to comply may result in penalties, including removal and denial of re-entry. Click here to view the CDC and TSA orders that apply to anyone over the age of 2.

This mask requirement is in effect until at least January 18, 2022. 

Enhanced Cleaning with Safety Net

CVG is partnering with Safety Net and Safety Net Bio-Protection to keep everyone safe in the airport.  This enhanced cleaning approach is a two-step process using US-made, electro-static sprayers.  The first step is a complete disinfection of target areas using hospital grade, enhanced disinfecting solutions that are eco and people friendly as well as CDC/EPA approved.  The second step involves spraying an antimicrobial solution that binds to hard surfaces, killing germs, including COVID-19, while also protecting against new germs that enter the environment for up to 30+ days.  This new procedure is performed monthly at CVG. 

Safety Net in action through CVG housekeeping

Fly Healthy Federal Mask Requirement May 2021