Traveler Responsibility at CVG

CVG is requesting all travelers, employees and visitors to the airport do their part as we work through COVID-19 together. 

Upon entrance to the CVG Airport and any Airport facility, you attest to the following:

  • I am currently not running a fever above 100.4˚ or using medication to lower a fever.
  • I am not experiencing shortness of breath, cough or other respiratory illness.
  • I have not had contact without PPE with a person confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19.

Beginning July 10, 2020, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is requiring face masks.  CVG requests everyone practice social distancing throughout the airport:

  • Walking throughout the airport
  • In any lines
  • At the gates when seated
  • In concessions and eating areas

If you don’t have a mask upon arrival, some of the airlines may be distributing masks.  The airport stores are selling PPE gear, including masks.  Check here for more information.