CVG Airport Improvement 

Pix of passengers between escalators in CVG Airport Terminal

Did you know . . . CVG has nearly 6,000 linear feet of escalator and moving walkways in our airport!


The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is always working to improve the experience for our travelers, employees and the community while ensuring everyone’s health and safety.  We appreciate your patience as we work to maintain the many escalators and moving walkways in our Terminal facility.


Escalators and Moving Sidewalks Improvements

February - early April 2021

  • Escalator closed from Ticketing to Baggage Claim near front entrance to the Terminal.  Alternative options:
    • Elevator available near bathrooms on Ticketing level
    • Escalator available from Ticketing Bridge to Welcome Point and then up to Baggage Claim
  • Escalator (one) closed from Baggage Claim level to Welcome Point/Transportation Tunnel level
    • There is a second escalator that will be running from Baggage Claim to Welcome Point.
  • Below map showcases above noted alternative options.  


Baggage Claim Improvements

March - end of May 2021

Baggage Claim 1 and 2 on the west side of Baggage Claim level in the CVG Airport Terminal will be closed during this time.  All baggage will be picked up on Baggage Claim 3 or 4 - please check signage at each carrousel to look for flight information and associated baggage.  

Map of CVG Terminal highlighting detour due to escalator work near entrance