Invisible Disabilities


The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) has partnered with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower organization to bring its Sunflower Lanyard program to CVG. (Watch this 45-second short video to learn more about hidden disabilities. )

The organization, based in the United Kingdom, helps people with hidden disabilities discreetly inform others – through the use of a Sunflower printed lanyard (or another Sunflower-branded worn item) – that they have a disability that may not be readily apparent. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower indicates to anyone approaching – especially those in customer service roles – a person wearing one of these items that the person may need more assistance and that their patience is appreciated.

How it works is simple. Travelers ask for a lanyard (or another item) at one of the locations listed below and determine for themselves when to wear them. Anyone who feels they have a hidden disability can request one. There are no prerequisites for asking for or wearing an item. When someone working at the airport sees someone wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower-branded item, they will then know that this person may need extra assistance/patience.

Check out the frequently asked questions below for more details.


Do I qualify to wear the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?

There is no qualifying list of hidden disabilities. If you have a hidden disability and feel that you would benefit from wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower product, please do.


Where at CVG can I pick up a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower item?

Pick up a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower item at these locations:

Information Booth at the Terminal Baggage Claim

Contacting or calling (859) 767-3230 to pick up a lanyard or to request one be sent to your residence.

If I have a lanyard or other Hidden Disabilities Sunflower item, what's my next step?

Wear the item anytime you want others to know that you have a hidden disability. At CVG, we’ve provided information to our employees about the program, including airline, restaurant, retailer and Transportation Security Administration personnel, to name a few.


Does wearing the lanyard give me access to expedited security screening?

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower does not entitle the wearer to anything other than identifying that you have a hidden disability and that you may need some assistance, help, or a little more time. It is not a pass to be fast-tracked through security, nor for any other benefit.

Where can I expect others to recognize the lanyard?

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program is relatively new to the United States. It began in the United Kingdom and is recognized in several other countries. The program has been expanding in the US and is recognized at a growing number of US airports, including:

  • Charlotte Douglas International, Charlotte, NC
  • Columbus International - Columbus, OH
  • Denver International - Denver, CO
  • George Bush Intercontinental - Houston, TX
  • John F. Kennedy International - New York, NY
  • Memphis International - Memphis, TN
  • Miami International - Miami, FL
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – Minneapolis, MN
  • Newark Liberty International - Newark, NY
  • Orlando Sanford International - Orlando, FL
  • San Jose International - San Jose, CA
  • Seattle-Tacoma International - Seattle, OR



For a current listing of all locations participating in the program, go to: hiddendisabilitiesstore/


Who should I contact if I have questions?

Wendi Orlando, Sr. Manager, Customer Relations

(859) 767-7470

You can also visit: