Employee Parking

Effective, Thursday, September 24, 2020


Beginning Thursday, September 24, 2020, entry to the Employee Lot will be closed. Employees are instructed to park in the Terminal Garage. Shuttle service will be available through September 27, 2020 to return employees to the lot. After that date, please call SP+ at 859-767-3106 for pick up. Signage will be posted at the employee shuttle stop near door 10 at the Terminal.

To be eligible for no-cost employee parking in the garage while you are working, please note the process has changed from earlier this year.

Employee Garage Entrance Lane

Employees should enter the Garage through Lane 1, as before. An image of the Lane 1 Employee Entrance is provided below as well. Entering the garage is now a 2-step process. Please note the following steps to enter the garage:

  1. Employees will swipe their badge in the Matrix reader in Lane 1, and after verification, a ticket will be dispensed.
  2. All employees will need to take the ticket and keep it for use when exiting.

This ticket will allow all valid CVG badged employees to park at no cost. Employees with expired badges, or those presenting tickets pulled from entrances other than Lane 1 will be charged $10/day. No refunds will be provided.

Employee Entrance Lane

Garage Parking Guidance

While in the Terminal Parking Garage, employees are expected to park in rows 14-21 on Level A, B, or C.

There will be modifications in October to the Terminal Garage to take note of: Upon entering the Garage on Level A, there will be barricades with signage down to Row 21 that will create a one-way lane. This directional pattern is only on the south side of the Garage nearest the Terminal. The north side of the Garage will have lanes flowing both ways. As always, please be sure to observe and adhere to any directional signage around you.

 Employee Parking Map

Employee Garage Exit Lane

To access the main exit plaza, follow exit signage to row A-21. At the exit plaza employees may use any exit lane they choose. The entry ticket is inserted and validated for $0.

NOTE: If the ticket inserted is from any entrance lane other than Lane 1, or the employee’s badge is expired, they will have to pay $10/day upon exiting the Garage. No refunds will be provided.


  • It is imperative that airlines and tenants share this Operations Memorandum with their employees and commuters.  It is the responsibility of those on the distribution list to forward this information to their employees and commuters. There will be no exceptions made due to information not being disseminated to fellow employees.
  • Lane 1 at the main entrance is the only entry lane with a Matrix reader.
  • Anyone found “piggybacking” or misusing their CVG ID Badge to provide complimentary parking to others will be subject to loss of free parking and badge revocation.  

Questions? Please call 859-767-3106 or email park@cvgairport.com

For further details, please see your CVG-based supervisor. 

Expired badges will not operate the gates. To renew your ID badge, please contact the CVG ID Office at 859-767-3171.


information updated 9/21/2020