Employee Parking

Effective March 27, 2020, at Noon


With the reduction in flight activity, the Employee Lot entrance will close until further notice, effective March 27th at ~ Noon. Signage will be placed at the entrance to the lot and all entrance lanes will be closed and matrix badge swipe readers will be covered. Employees should proceed to the Terminal Parking Garage. See further instructions below.

The Employee pick up location (outside of Door 10) at the Terminal, will also have signage indicating the closure of the Employee Lot. (It’s important to note that we WILL still have SOME shuttles in operation to transport employees from the Terminal to the Employee Lot in order for them to retrieve their vehicles and the employee exit lanes will remain open for the time being until the majority of vehicles are out of the lot. However, the shuttles will be on a much-reduced schedule after March 27th so it may take some time for employees who are in the lot for more than one day to return from the Terminal to the Lot)

Garage Parking

While the Employee Lot is closed, all badged employees who remain working on-site at CVG, will be afforded Garage parking at NO COST. For employees to receive free Garage parking, the following instructions must be passed along to your staff:

Employees can only enter through LANE 4 of the Garage. Signage will be placed overhead at the lane indicating “Employee Only”.

Employees will pull a parking ticket.

We are asking employees to park on the roofs of the Garage (Rows C 14 – 22 and E 24-40) because the Parking Contractor is in the process of cleaning and power-washing the entire Garage.

For further details, please see your CVG-based supervisor. 

Normal Operations

Parking for CVG employees and airline commuters based at CVG is available at the Employee lot located on Donaldson Road east of the airport. Access to this lot is by way of your CVG badge. Shuttles pick up and drop off at the Terminal.

Please note: vehicles may not be parked longer than 60 days and no oversized or recreational vehicles are permitted.

Expired badges will not operate the gates. To renew your ID badge, please contact the CVG ID Office at 859-767-3171.

Parking Questions — email us.