Employee Parking

Effective Thursday, June 10, 2021/ updated June 4, 2021



In an effort to ease the increasing congestion at the current Employee/Economy Lot and expedite entry and exit for everyone, a new CVG Employee Parking Lot is underway.  The move is being expedited as quickly as possible to accommodate employee requests for dedicated entry and exit and to avoid any co-mingling with passengers.

Beginning Thursday, June 10, 2021, at 12:00 AM, the new CVG Employee Lot will open at the northern portion of the ValuPark lot with a dedicated entrance/exit accessed from Loomis Road.   


The new CVG Employee Parking Lot entrance location:

2972 Loomis Road, Hebron, KY 41048

New Employee Parking Lot Entrance - June 10 2021


Access to this lot will be via a valid CVG badge swipe on matrix readers at the entry and exit lanes. Employees will board the employee shuttle at the shuttle stops found on the map below in red. Please note that temporary signage at waiting areas may be in place if permanent shelters are not yet received from the manufacturer.

Employee Parking Map - July 2021

Those parked in the Economy Lot prior to Thursday, June 10th will still be able to exit the lot using the matrix reader and their employee badge. Beginning June 10th, employees will no longer be able to access the Economy lot via the badge readers. 


The employee shuttle will continue to transport employees to and from the Ground Transportation Center. Between Thursday, June 10th and Sunday, June 13th, the employee shuttle will return employees to both the Economy lot and new Employee Lot based on the needs of those on board.


Beginning Monday, June 14th, the employee shuttle will transport employees to and from the new Employee Lot ONLY. 


Employees who need to return to the Economy Lot after June 13th must board the Economy Shuttle at the Economy Pickup location at the Terminal (front curb of baggage claim). 


Employees are permitted to leave their vehicles for a maximum of 60 days.  Badge access is provided to the badge holder only, and for only 1 vehicle at any time in the lot.  Access to the lot will be revoked from any badges that are misused.


CVG ID badges must be valid to enter and exit the lot. Please contact the CVG Badging Office at 859-767-3171 to obtain or renew your CVG badge.


Thank you for your patience as we approach and work through this transition. 


Questions? Please call 859-767-3106 or email park@cvgairport.com

For further details, please see your CVG-based supervisor. 

To renew your ID badge, please contact the CVG Badging Office at 859-767-3171.